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Don't blame the Interior Designer

First things first. We are definitely flattered when you ask for our advice on matters of your 'home interiors'. An adept observer will especially watch our faces as our expressions changed from happy to nervous to guilty. There's a reason behind this. We do not like to give unsolicited advice particularly when that's exactly what earns our bread and better.

You definitely wouldn't expect a lawyer or a doctor to give free advice when there is a lot at stake. Sure you consult but that's not the same. It's the same with us. While we will generally share some tit-bits, you will rarely find us getting in to the nitty gritties. For the latter, let us discuss a fair proposal.

Jokes apart.

It is certainly a great feeling to see all your efforts come together and help your client build their dream homes. That is what makes us happy. Being instrumental in building someone's happiness.

But there are times when things take a longer amount of time that was anticipated.

There are many of us who have been on the receiving end of a client's verbal attack because the work has not been finished on time. We agree with you and completely understand the reason behind your anger. You expected your home to be ready by so and so date but that date has come and gone. You are right to be angry.

But is it right to take it out on your Interior Designer?

Think about it. Rationally. Try to first understand what has been the reason for this delay? Is it entirely our fault that the work has not been completed? Or are there other factors involved? Maybe the carpenters were overworked? Maybe the material didn't arrive on time? It could have been stuck in transit despite leaving from the warehouse on time. Or maybe a sudden transport strike prevented your workers from reaching on time.

There could be 'n' number of reasons. And this is surely not a blame game! We work as a team. We design everything right from scratch. Upon being approved, we share these designs with the relevant parties involved. They try to work as best as they can.

Some times, we are only obliged to deliver the designs. Yet, we make it our responsibility to make sure you get the best of everything in your budget. We connect you to vendors. We negotiate on your behalf. It is what we do.

But, still there are some who hold us personally responsible for the delay!

So that's why we say. Don't blame the Interior Designer.

We are a creative bunch of folks who strive to use our creativity to best help others. All we request is a bit of patience and understanding.

On the plus side, there have been many instances where our clients have made us a part of their family. We feel highly privileged when they involve us in their celebrations and would love to be connected with more such happy clients!

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